SL DOT 4 - Brake Fluid ~ 1 Liter (ATE)

SL DOT 4 - Brake Fluid  ~ 1 Liter  (ATE)

SL DOT 4 - Brake Fluid ~ 1 Liter (ATE)

Category: Brake Oil


Brand: ATE # 03.9901-5802.2 # 705802

Supplier: Soon Heng Motor Supply Co.


Content [Litre]: 1

Boiling Point (Celcius): At least 260

  • In order to maintain the safe performance of the brake system, the old brake fluid must be changed in accordance with the intervals that are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Because brake fluid is hygroscopic it inevitably absorbs water. Over time its boiling point will steadily decrease. Under high thermal pressure steam bubbles can form at low  boiling points. Failure of the brake system is a distinct possibility.
  • In order to remove abrasive wear and impurities as well as to increase the corrosion protection in the brake system, the brake fluid should be changed regularly.
  • Kindly drop us a message by providing your vehicle chassis number to avoid incompatible part.

SL DOT 4 - Brake Fluid ~ 1 Liter (ATE)

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